Man Cave Update

Finally finished some bits in the Man Cave this weekend. Installed the uPVC windows (which have 60mm spacers round the edges due to the shutters. Surprisingly easy once I’d been given a few pointers on what fixings to use by a friend. As you can see, hanging down here is also the first of 2 […]

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The Man Cave

So my new Man Cave has been acquired. Many will recall the pictures of my Cellar in Bristol, but the move has meant my Cave has been upgraded to a Double Garage 🙂 Here are the “before” pics 🙂 And here are some “during” photos, at this stage we’ve moved in, and the ceiling & […]

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Clarke GWC-1 Review

So being new to welding and just setting up a workshop for the first time, I felt I needed a trolley for the welder, if only so my workshop was a bit tidier! That said, looking round, I wasn’t prepared to spend £200+ on a trolley, nor did I have time ATM to build my […]

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Gromit Unleashed!

This Summer the Grand Appeal (on behalf of Bristol Childrens Hospital) has been running the Gromit Unleashed Trail here in Bristol. 80 Gromits, 1 City, well that was stretching the definition a bit, but we managed to bag ’em all, and had an excellent time doing it. So in response, we wanted to have Gromits […]

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Disco 2 Climate Control And Clock Bulbs

The Climate Control on the Discovery II uses 3 types of bulb – 3 x JWH100060 light up the LCD 2 x 8510251 (Black Base) light up the Hot/Cold Buttons 1 x JWH100070 (Grey Base) lights up the buttons. Left to Right: – JWH100060, 8510251, JWH100070, STC1878 (not used) The clock uses a YAW100030, also […]

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Demountable Winch + Anderson Jump Start Connector

So, today my demountable Winch Frame arrived, spurred on by the fact that a good friend went off the road the other day down an embankment, and without a winch, there wasn’t anything I could do to help. Anyway, here it is with the winch fitted: Please excuse the wiring all over the place, on […]

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Going LED

I’ve been annoyed recently by the failure of one of the 3 bulbs that sit behind the Dash Pod of my Discovery TD5. Eventually, I had a look at the spare Dash Pod I have in the cellar and realised that the bulbs are actually standard bulbs. To start off with, the 3 main bulbs […]

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Contour ROAM and Camalapse

Did an event last week using the Contour ROAM and a Camalapse rotator, and it’s an awesome effect when speeded up. Such a simple gadget but provides a great effect. I’m going to be building a trolley system next for a panning/pulling away/zooming in effect as well, so watch this space. In the mean time, […]

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Just picked one of these cameras up off eBay brand new for £125+p&p. Excellent bit of kit, and I’ll post some videos in due course once I’ve got the suction cup mount for the windscreen 🙂 All I can say is that if you’re thinking of a GoPro HD, consider the ContourRoam, it’s cheaper, smaller […]

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DS2 RS485 PTZ Telementry Configs

I’ve been playing with various DS2’s for PTZ cameras, and have the following info to share! On a DVTR, with Serial 1 connected to the RSTCA Header, then Pins 1 (+) and 9 (-) are your RS485 Line On a DVTU, you use Bus A on the Green Connector for RS485, and it’s marked + […]

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