I’m a IT Consultant from Bristol, and I’m into Off-Roading, Photography, Law, and lots of other things.

In the summer months I spend my time doing Event Power for College Balls (Oxford/Cambridge), Festivals/Concerts and other events (e.g. Weddings). I occasionally assist with Pyrotechnic jobs with KJE Technical, and have taken some awesome pictures of the various events I’ve worked on. Often during the event, we have plenty of “down” time which we use, amongst other things (sleep mainly) to take photos and wander the event keeping an eye on things.

I have a fair amount of Technical knowledge, stemming from working for Production Power for several years, so I’m familiar with Generator and Distribution systems also, which has helped my mechanical knowledge. I’m a jack of all trades, and willing to jump in anywhere!

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  • ibby says:

    Hi buddy,

    Just wanting to know, if I remove 2 hdds from a DVR (dedicated micros) and the clone them on two other hdds.
    clone them using ghost would that work?


  • ibby says:

    How would one use clean drives and make them ready for the DVR ?


    • IIRC format them to FAT32, and download the latest firmware from DM, unzip that file (which IIRC contains a zip file, don’t extract that) and copy that to the root of your primary disk. Then pop them both in the DVR and boot it, you should see it go through a setup routine, unpack the zip file you copied in there, and install itself. It’ll then come up saying that it’s setting up the image folders and eventually it’ll all be up and running, and also be running the latest software.

  • Josh says:

    Hi Alex, not sure if you can offer any advice. I have a DS2 with KBS3 & SCSI CD. Bootloader 3.1(151) & software version 3.1(169)-net(DVTU). If I shut it down properly, then reboot, it boots ok, I can see live & recorded footage as well as viewing over the network.

    If I leave it for a few hours then it crashes, and has only 1 red light on the right hand side. Is this a HDD fault? when it boots both drives have status OK. any other ideas?


  • Josh says:

    Just incase others have the same issue with the DS2 flashing red light, I have changed the hard drive for a maplins 500gb SATA2 drive & IDE to SATA adapter. (overpriced but needed urgently). Once everything had been configured properly, it seems to be working fine. a couple of points to note. 1/. the IDE adapter only seems to work if connected directly to the IDE slot. I couldn’t use the ribbon cable & 2nd hard drive. 2/. formatting FAT32 and copying disk.zip to the drive didn’t work, I had to manually unzip the file onto the drive using my pc, then put the drive into the dvr. it stated no video folder & created one. 3/. the old drive only had a few mb free. I’m not sure what the settings were for overwrite but it could’ve been out of space with no overwrite settings enabled. (still looking for these options)

  • David says:

    Hi I have bought an old record No 6 vice in good condition for £10
    But it has no jaws so I am thinking on making a set from a metal bar
    But don’t have a clue what size the screws are.i hope you can help
    All the best

  • Barendregt, B. Jan says:

    Hi out there,
    Do you still avail over the fuel cooler repairkit for the Discovery 2 TD5?
    Can you mail me your info and cost of it?

    Thanks hour response.

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