Torque Performance 4×4 NAS HD Bumper

It has been a long time coming, but finally my new bumper has arrived and been fitted!

Fabricated by Paul Short at Torque Performance 4×4 (, this bumper is a custom revision of their stunning looking Rock Bumper, but with a unique and very useful twist.

Like many off-road vehicle owners we all worry about some of the toys we have bolted to our trucks, as if it bolts on, it can also be un-bolted! And like many other Discovery owners I’m not happy about cutting large chunks out of the grille of my vehicle to allow a winch to sit back there, and I am only too aware of how much approach/departure angle you give up when extending your bumper forward to accommodate a winch.

I was also looking into putting a front push tow-bar point on the vehicle, the cost of which would potentially be around £150, which seemed a bit on the high side, and would have to be custom made in order for me to be able to use it with the 2″ Class III Receiver I have on the rear. The perfect solution therefore, would be a bumper that allowed the best of both worlds, the approach/departure angle at it’s maximum, with a 2″ Class III Receiver built into it.

It took me a while to find a Heavy Duty Bumper for the Discovery 2 that I liked the look of, most were very angular and often left your washer bottle exposed hanging under the bumper. Eventually on a thread on the LRO Forums, someone posted a picture of the Torque Performance 4×4 Rock Bumper, and I was instantly sold. I got on the phone to Paul Short at TP4x4, and laid out what I had in mind over the phone and asked if it was possible to have this bumper made up for me. He agreed to do so, and charged me for a Winch Bumper version instead of a Rock Bumper version (as they do both for those of you who are happy to bolt 300+ quids worth of winch to your truck *and* cut your grille a bit!). The following picture is what I’ve ended up with, and cost £340+£40 for delivery, and included a pair of 55w spots built into the bumper, giving it a facelift bumper look also.

TP 4x4 NAS HD Bumper

The bumper incorporates a 2″ Class III receiver point, allowing me to insert either my Warn Shackle point for pulling something by rope, my Adjustable Drop Plate for pushing/pulling a trailer, or a winch tray (which I have yet to purchase). It’ll probably end up with a jump start point mounted somewhere on it, perhaps inside the top cover which unscrews to allow access to the receiver pin to lock whatever I have attached in. When not in use, the number plate just sits over the top of it hiding it from view! Paul helpfully delivered it pre-tapped with a pair of stainless screws and 4 new bolts to replace the rusty old ones we removed.

Drop Plate Inserted

Warn Shackle Point Inserted

Receiver Pin Access Plate

The benefit of putting the winch on a removable carrier is twofold, if I need to pull myself out backwards, I need only slot it into the rear, connect it to a Anderson jump start connector that I’ll be installing back there, and away we go! Ditto if any of my mates put a similar mounting on their vehicles, when we’re out off-roading, we don’t need to worry about everyone owning a winch. Just plug in, and away you go.

Paul was also very helpful when I rang him on a Sunday asking about the front cross member, which was rusted to hell anyway, and helpfully told me about their steering guard that they also make, so looks like I’ll be ordering one of those sometime this month, as well as adding his Tree Sliders to the wish list!

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