Spammer Update

So we’re nearly a year in on this project to reduce the amount of SPAM/UCE I receive, and I have to say it has been working. I’ve been hitting spammers with a dual blow of PECR and DPA actions now for a few months, and have had a number of wins, and settlements as a result.

The DPA is a excellent tool, none of the spammers I have sued have thus far proven that I have explicitly given *them* consent, and more than a few have thrown their suppliers under the bus (so to speak) and I’m in the process now of going after some of the bigger fish to prevent any further abuse of my personal data.

SPAM wise, the SPAM from UK companies has now reduced to a dribble, with most of the SPAM coming from the USA and the usual knock-off goods companies (who I assume are based in the Far East). Not a lot I can do about those, but my productivity has gone up and I’m being disturbed less which is good.

A number of cases are still working their way through the legal system, and I still have a substantial number more to file. I’ve been slowly refining my Notice Before Action, Subject Access Request and Particulars of Claim templates, which is making it easier and easier to file claims and get the right information in front of a Judge. Quite a learning curve when you consider I’m not legally trained and not doing this professionally!

I’ll leave you with this amazing defence from UK Apollo Group Limited, which is still rumbling through the courts…


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