MOT Woes

So I’ve got a new Motor – a Skoda Octavia 2.0 PD TDI on a 56-Plate. Nicely specced with the Laurin & Klement package, which is largely Sat-Nav, Leather Electric Seats, Climate Control, Electric Sunroof/Windows, Xenon Headlights.

I bought this secondhand from a dealer in London for £3,450 – having seen it advertised at £3,600. However it looks like I didn’t knock the dealer down enough! C’est la vie!

So it was booked in for MOT today round the corner after I found out the tyre dealership did MOT’s when my partner’s Focus had a flat on the weekend, and failed on 2 tyres being worn below legal limit and handbrake efficency. Bit of a bummer on the tyres, I’d been keeping an eye on the wear bar but hadn’t noticed the insides had worn badly. I’d factored in needing new tyres for it, but hoped it would squeak by this month and I could sort them once I’d been paid! Still, £300 for MOT, 2 new tyres, pads and brake cables isn’t too bad, half that is the tyres. I could have done the pads myself, but the cables would be a pain to do on the drive so figured I may as well pay the garage to sort. Roll on Man Cave Mk3 with a 4-poster.

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