Rear Shocks

Yep, they were nice and easy, took just over an hour to change both sides, main hassle was the bloody alloy nuts not accepting sockets, and then when I swapped a particularly manky one for one on the spare wheel carrier, I ballsed that up and snapped the stud off the carrier! As the other stud was already fubar when I bought the vehicle, looks like I need a new carrier. It now is held on with one nut… and a ratchet strap to stop it rattling!

Changing the shocks btw, is very easy.

  1. Support body on a stand.
  2. Jack Axle.
  3. Take the wheel off.
  4. With an 18mm socket & breaker bar undo the two bolts holding the old shock in top & bottom.
  5. Push shock upwards and swing towards you, and then down when clear of the hub.
  6. Prepare new shock, then swing back in the same way.
  7. Secure at the top, compress and swing down to the bottom mount and secure it as it expands.
  8. Re-fit wheel, drop axle, drop body.

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