Alex vs Spammers Update

Well, since my previous post things have moved on somewhat.

We’ve had one settlement paid, another still pending transfer of funds (all signed off at this end), one payment in full for the court claim against them including court fees, and one judgement in default.

I’ve got one at Defence now, which should be interesting and a multitude who are still at the pre-court action stage. Interestingly one of these has found this blog (Hi Richard!) so you should have a good idea by now if you’ve received a claim or NBA from me that I mean business.

Thus far I have had two choose to settle prior to the court action stage, 2 settle at the court action stage, 2 pay their claims in full upon receipt, one default judgement (who has been given 7 days to pay in full prior to bailiff action) and one at the defence stage.

If you have been sent SPAM by sMarket Online Limited (did you win a CCJ against them, 3YU13176 in 2014? Care to contact me?), or Magnetise Media? Please get in touch!

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