Alex 3 – Spammers 0

Well, another day, another Win!
Claimed against another piece of Spam to a company who never responded to my NBA, fired them back a letter backing up my claim on Tuesday and had a response today via eMail (as the claim stuff from the courts doesn’t feature email addresses) offering a settlement. Money in my bank by tea time 🙂 If only all spammers were this helpful and easy to deal with!
This particular company had used a marketing company to send a marketing email, but the marketing company then decided to send their email to another list they had off their own back supposedly (which personally, I doubt, but hey…). But as they’ve paid up promptly without any hassle, I shan’t name and shame them.
Needless to say, if you want to get recompense from spammers, my stats thus far are that emailing people a NBA seems to get a very blank response. On the other hand, a court action gets their attention *very* quickly, and a reasonable claim will often be settled due to it being less hassle to everyone involved to do so.
Obviously, some will fight tooth and nail over the matter of principle, but if your facts are right, and you have an admission from them (which they often start off with… “We’re terribly sorry you received this email, and have taken you off our list” means naff all to me – it might be off your list now, but the damage has already been done – I’ve had to figure out who you were, dig your details out, pay to receive your email, store it on my system, it’s disrupted my work as I’ve had to check and see if it was an important and/or critical email etc.) then you have a decent case and quite often they will realise that.

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