BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 Password of the day Generator

I have written a password generator (based on the work of Zman37 on TekTips), available here: http://www.cyberprog.net/bcm/potd.asp

Works for the BCM 400 from Release 4.0 onwards, BCM50 from R1 to R6 and theoretically the BCM 200 from Release 4.0 and the BCM450. If you have some passwords of the day, system ID and the dates the passwords were valid for, please test them against the generator. If the passwords match, then it should generate valid passwords for you for the current date.

Use wisely!

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8 Responses to “BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 Password of the day Generator”

  • Tim Haggerty says:

    I tried this on your quick form but it didn’t seem to work.
    I entered the password and still could not get in.
    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

  • FrancoisCote says:

    This is really great for playing around lab equipment. I was wondering if you ever been able to access password protected log files downloaded from the BCM. The main file contains about 5 archives in it. “archive.sig.tar.gz” and “systemInformation.tar.gz” are not protected but “diagnosticLogs.tar”, “operationalLogs.tar” and “sensitiveLogs.tar” all contains .ZIP files that are password protected.

    I tried using the Pass Of The Day, but it doesn’t work.

    Thanks a lot

  • franklab says:


    question on the sha 1 hash
    in your exemple, you use this:

    nnsupporttrust no oneW — POD 15/03/2013 — BCM — C001122334455

    SHA-1 Hash:

    i try using a public sha1 hash generator but i cannot get the same hash you get

    im sure it has something to do with char used in the string send to the sha1 generator.

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