MOT Pass and Advisories Sorted!

Well the Landie passed it’s MOT earlier in the week finally, so thought I’d sort the advisories out yesterday. Easier than I expected (and def. easier than my 300-series) the shock bushes needed changing as did the pads. As I had new shocks to go on, I just replaced the whole unit as it has to be dismantled anyway!

Didn’t take any photos, but here’s the step by step guide to doing the shocks.

  1. Night before drench everything in WD40.
  2. Jack Body, Support on Stand
  3. Loosen wheel Nuts
  4. Jack Axle/Wheel and remove nuts & Wheel
  5. Undo two 13mm bolts at base of shock inside spring.
  6. Undo two 13mm nuts facing you at base of turret (top of spring)
  7. Drivers Side Only – Remove Rad overflow pipe, tape to bonnet prop, unclip and unhook the expansion tank and swing out of way. Undo plastic wiring clip from turret.
  8. Remove two more 13mm nuts on far side of turret. I find 2x long extension bars do the trick here with an impact gun.
  9. Wiggle turret & shock free and out of vehicle.
  10. Undo 18mm bolt from turret with impact gun, remove shock. Throw away.
  11. Refit is reverse of this.

It’s really straight forward, and while I was at it I did the front pads too as they needed changing. These are held by two 12mm bolts on the calliper guide pins, swing the calliper out of the way and change the pads, gently push the two pistons back into the calliper (having loosened the brake reservoir cap) and slot back into place. Some people only remove 1 guide pin bolt and swing the calliper up or down.

Took about 3 hours and was just getting dark as I finished! Might pop out and do the rear shocks this afternoon too as they look fairly easy…

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