Hard Disk Woes…

…just when things can’t get any worse, this morning my hard disk decided to give up. Rather odd really, as it’s a RAID 1 set, and it would boot to a point but not any further. Luckily as a Geek, I keep a few spare new disks lying around for this sort of eventuality, so I snagged them and popped in the new 6-port raid card I’d been meaning to install – actually screwed the cards in for once also – and reinstalled windows.

It took me over an hour to go round all the sites I’m a member of and login and hit remember me on each login! God, so many different usernames and passwords – thank god for KeePass, one password for that and everything else is easy! I also took the time to remove some old 300GB drives one of which had errors and I’d move all the data off, and the other which is full of random apps and stuff. The machine seems much quieter now, though I appear to have some sort of power supply fault which may have caused the data corruption as the RAID card had write caching turned on without battery backup.

Now to find another pair of 1TB drives to pop in on the spare channels for another RAID1 set and I’ll be happy 🙂 At some point I should really go RAID5 in this machine, but the cost of buying 6 new drives in one hit is a bit crippling, and I’d only end up with 5TB usable or 4TB if  I hot-spare it 🙁 Well, theoretically anyway, as I’ve discovered for another customer this week, it’s more like 900gb once you format them, and those arrays take *ages* to build too! 20 hours for a RAID5 with 4x1TB drives, giving 2.8TB of usable space. Then the customer called to say “on second thoughts, could I have a hot spare please”. Odds on them filling it up in the next 12 months and asking for that extra terabyte? High 🙁

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