Clarke GWC-1 Review

So being new to welding and just setting up a workshop for the first time, I felt I needed a trolley for the welder, if only so my workshop was a bit tidier!

That said, looking round, I wasn’t prepared to spend £200+ on a trolley, nor did I have time ATM to build my own. So to eBlag I looked… and found the Clarke GWC-1 for £54.60 (here if you are interested: )

What are my initial impressions? A bit cheap, instructions could be better, but overall I think good value for money. I’d have liked locking castors on the front wheels, so that may be the first upgrade, and the lower bottle chain does SFA!

Assembly took about 40mins, made easier by an impact gun ;) But the bolts were supplied with nuts and washers all assembled which was fiddly to undo before doing back up again in position!

Seems fairly sturdy, the welder I have is pretty damn light-weight anyway, and there’s space on the bottom of the trolley for a plasma cutter in the future… yay :)


2014-01-20 21.24.54

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