Gromit Unleashed!

This Summer the Grand Appeal (on behalf of Bristol Childrens Hospital) has been running the Gromit Unleashed Trail here in Bristol.

80 Gromits, 1 City, well that was stretching the definition a bit, but we managed to bag ’em all, and had an excellent time doing it.

So in response, we wanted to have Gromits of our own, so I’d like to introduce “The Mutts Nuts” by Helen my Girlfriend (aged 35 and a half) and “Polkadot Dog” by myself (aged 30 and three quarters).

"The Mutts Nuts" and "Polkadot Dog"

“The Mutts Nuts” and “Polkadot Dog”

We’ll be making a twin for “The Mutts Nuts”, which contains 2,500 M2 Zinc Nuts and 700 M2 Brass Nuts and be auctioning him for the Charity on eBay in a month or so’s time. Helen has a number of other projects on the go, along with a Steam Punk Gromit, so he’s down the queue a bit 😉

“Polkadot Dog” was made by spraying him White, then covering him in stickers, then spraying him Red. He was then touched up using Humbrol Enamel Paints, and finally both Gromits were sprayed with a clear lacquer.

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