Demountable Winch + Anderson Jump Start Connector

So, today my demountable Winch Frame arrived, spurred on by the fact that a good friend went off the road the other day down an embankment, and without a winch, there wasn’t anything I could do to help.

Anyway, here it is with the winch fitted:


Please excuse the wiring all over the place, on my old discovery (4 years ago!) I had the winch permanently mounted, and the solenoid inside. I’m going to buy a new wiring kit for it, as there’s a neat one on eBay with a compact box that’ll sit on top of the frame, and has a remote control too. Then it’ll get an anderson connector of it’s own, rather than being clipped to the jump leads currently! Just a case of taking it out, plugging it into the receiver and attaching the electrics.

And here it is fitted to the 2″ Receiver hitch on the front of the Discovery:


Of course, I first had to wire up a jump start point, which meant soldering the anderson connectors onto some 35mm2 cable, and crimping lugs on the other end! I picked up some nice stand off brackets on eBay a while back, and with it all together, it’s nice and smart 🙂


The next thing to do was protect the cabling, by adding some sleeving:


In due course, I’ll add another Anderson connector on the rear of the vehicle, and be able to plug the winch in on either. I also need to replace the wire, as in the course of fitting it, I had to spool it all out, and it’s been damaged at some point when wound on badly. I’ll probably stick a synthetic rope on to reduce the weight, as it’s f***ing heavy!

The new Solenoid pack I ordered turned up today also so I’ve now fitted that and put an Anderson connector on there. Anderson connectors are very simple to make up, I’m using SB175’s which are rated to 280A. You can either crimp them (which most people don’t do as they don’t have the tooling) or solder them. To solder them, you just pop the lug in a vice, heat with a blowtorch evenly, and melt in solder until the lug is about 60% full with rosin flux solder. Then slide in the stripped cable, and take the heat away once it’s fully inserted. Job done. Allow to cool, heatshrink and insert into the connector.


The new solenoid pack has a wireless remote, and I’ve also put a new 5/8″ pin with a retained locking pin, rather than the R-Clip retained pin supplied.

Update: The synthetic rope arrived the other week, but the stainless fixings for the winch and fairlead finally arrived today, so stripped things down and re-assembled it, then wound on the new rope!

WinchAllComplete (Large)

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