DS2 NetVu Password Reset

Thanks to Steven Reece for this!

On the later NetVu connected DS2’s the firmware and bootloader are vastly different. However, they are also much simpler to reset.
Put the DVR into bootloader by pressing Cam2 when you select shutdown from the menu.
Connect to Serial 1 at 38400 Baud, 8,1,N,N, using a Null Modem Cable and watch the DVR boot up. You should see lots of text go by. Eventually, this will stop, and you can press +++
Then issue the command “Userdef” and the passwords are reset.

Supposedly this also works via Telnet if you know the DVR’s IP.

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  • champagne_charly says:

    I tried to post this up earlier however it did not show. Excuse the repetition

    Hi, thanks for the post on this.. unfortunately I have tried and failed.
    My DS2 Has the netvue sticker.
    I enter hyperterm >
    get the boot log after reboot using cam2. >
    Enter +++ >
    Type Userdef > Returns “?:” with a list of prompts as though it expects a further command.
    enter “QUIT” and reboot returns message Loader 20 mins before start.
    Reboot & press menu and again am asked for the password.

    If you can help i’d much apreciate.

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