Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 DVR 1TB SATA Drives

As mentioned in my last post, I’d intended to install 1TB SATA drives in my DM DVR, however this turned out not to be as simple as I had hoped.

I picked up a pair of cheap adapters from eBay, and when they eventually turned up, the damn thing wouldn’t work. Actually installing the software on the drives was a doddle (and proven correct using a IDE drive I had lying round) which involved using fat32formatter to format the drive (which worked ok from a Windows 7 machine) then copying onto the drive the firmware update from the DM website.

Eventually, I purchased a pair of adapters from Amazon, these cost a good bit more and took bloody ages to arrive, but were worth the money as they worked first time this afternoon when I plugged them in. The DVR saw both drives, and started unpacking the firmware and setting the image folders up. This bit takes a while with large drives BTW, and shouldn’t be interrupted.

You could probably use >1TB drives if you wanted, but the 1TB ones were £37 from eBuyer!

Next task will be to do the NetVu upgrade I think.

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  • Kevin says:

    The unzipping goes much faster if you extract all the files while you are connected via the USB adapter. Then the unit when booted needs only to create the video partitions.

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