Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 DVR

So, I picked one of these up very cheap on eBlag, just under £120 for a 16 channel DVR! Couldn’t believe it, as these sell for 1-2k new. This model is the 16 channel, 320GB twin hard drive, DVTX version, so one of the higher specification versions. It’s also known as a DS2 DX16C.

The first snag I hit was the installer code had been set, and the eBlag seller didn’t have a clue what it was. When you get this with a Dedicated Micros DVR, you have a few options.

1) Try a backdoor password! If your firmware is below 3.1 (165) then the backdoor password of 613126 usually works. (If you have a 4 or channel unit, enter this code using the remote or keyboard as you won’t have a camera 6 button on the front panel.) You can guess what firmware version I had…
Edit 31/08/11 – Reset a DVTU with 3.1 (103) Bootloader / 3.1 (104) Application using this code no problems.

2) The next try after that is the bootloader option. Go to shutdown the DVR and instead of pressing the camera 1 button, press the camera 2 button.

Next, get a Null-Modem cable, DB9 Female to DB9 Female, and a laptop running XP or any OS that has a terminal client like HyperTerminal.

Connect the cables to Serial1 on the DVR and whatever Com port on your computer.

Connect to the Com Port using a terminal program like HyperTerminal at 19200baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and no flow control.

Press ESC ESC ESC ENTER and a prompt will appear.

Enter the following commands:


The sysdata line can be case sensitive I noticed, being lower case in my particular case. You can verify it’s gone by entering the NVMDIR command again and looking for it in the list.

3) Return the unit to DM to have a password reset. Luckily this is cheap, about £65+vat I was quoted from ADI Gardiner to have this carried out. If you stuff up a firmware upgrade then it’s the full £350+ quid for a repair! Some people have recommended a company up near brum for resets, but they wanted £90 odd quid plus vat, and £12+vat carriage too!

I have also identified the RJ11 like plugs that DM have used for the keyboard/RS485 lines, they are actually DEC MMJ’s and you can buy the connectors from homestead by clicking this link, and the crimper by clicking this link. They also sell pre-made cables via this link.

Coming up next, how to replace your hard drive with seriously large capacity ones 🙂 2TB. Get in there! Oh, and upgrading the DVTX to NetVu.

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  • Chris Stevens says:

    Alex, this is great info, really useful. I’ve been playing around with a DVTU based DS2 and think I may have corrupted the nvm so it won’t boot. Have you played around with the sysdata command at the towngirl prompt? I’m sure there’s a way to get the nvm rebuilt from a file off a good DVTU.

    Anyway, keep the info coming it’s been a great help for my DS2 play-time 🙂

    • Hi Chris,
      No, never played round much other than to do these commands myself, I have a DVTU that’s just come in today (and a Chubb DVTU that’s going out tomorrow) if you’re interested? I also have a 16-Channel DVTR, and 2 9-ChanneL DVTR’s. The DVTU’s will happily take 2TB of disk as well.

  • Chris Stevens says:

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I know it’s a big ask, but any chance of a PM with a copy of the NVDATA folder off a DVTU machine? See for the sad and sorry tale of how I got to where I am now!! There’s a number of other ppl with the same problem on this box, and I’d love to crack it with your help.

    How much do you want for the DVTU?

    • I could do this, but there are notes on that page about getting the right mixture of firmware on there. What’s yours currently running? It’s got 3.1 (103) Bootloader and 3.1 (104) Application, and I’ve not upgraded that yet, though that will be my next step.
      Also, on my DVTX, I just deleted the sysdata from the nvram without any consequences – indeed it wiped out the passwords.
      Cost on the DVTU would depend upon if you wanted hard disks and so on with it, and the sizes therein.

  • Chris Stevens says:


    Since I deleted the NVM sysdata file and the DSmkII.dat the box bootloader (firmware) is 3.1 (006). I’m sure this was higher before, but didn’t make a note of it 🙁 Not sure how the box actually boots itself – clearly there is boot code both in f/w and on the primary IDE drive. The only disk-based bootloader / app I have is the one currently posted by DM – 3.1(169) – it ties to load and then throws the incompatible s/w build error. I would strongly recommend NOT deleting any NVM files on a DVTU!!

    It would be excellent if I could get a copy of the 3.1 (103) / (104) binaries + associated config data these might well help?

    I wouldn’t need any drives in the DVTU – I’ve got many, many disks to play with at this end.

    All I really need is a set of firmware and apps which are compatible and which might just help rebuild my missing NVM.


  • dsmkII.dat or .txt? <<< That may be your problem.

  • Chris Stevens says:

    oops – .txt, you’re right

  • So did you delete the wrong file?

  • Chris Stevens says:

    nope I just mistyped above

  • Ok, and do you get software build incompatible? What were you trying to do in the first place – bypass a password, or was it already saying this?
    It’s a symptom of a fried motherboard BTW…

  • Chris Stevens says:

    Yup I was trying to clear the NVM. After I installed 2 drives both as IDE masters on the same cable by mistake the app was flaky; I figured the sysdata had become corrupt – I don’t know how I reached this conclusion – it was about 4:00 in the morning – I thought a virgin box with a clean app install would fix things.

    I’ve read the CCTV forum thread which concludes this is a symptom of a fried M/B. I just don’t believe it (yet). The thing runs the bootloader and you can get into the root prompt and do stuff. It also starts a webserver on the defult port which you can load from a browser. I’m sure it’s just lacking config data, and that’s because I’ve deleted it all and can’t recreate it from the online DM distro.

    Before I broke it I had it working fine on a 500gb SATA drive.


  • Have you tried reformatting the drive and re-loading the software onto it? This is the next logical step after wiping it’s nvram data, if you’ve followed the steps above it should be fine once the software’s re-loaded.

  • Chris Stevens says:

    Yup, that’s what I did. And that’s when I got the incompatible s/w build message.

  • I doubt that copying in files from my working unit will help you, if I can even figure out how to get them out of the nvram and onto the disk, as they may well be tied to things like the serial number and ip address and mac settings… I predict bad things.

  • Chris Stevens says:

    Yeah, you might be right about S/N. The other 2 are soft in the NVM. But it’s p*****g me off to not know how to fix this thing. I’m pretty much out of ideas right now.

  • I think you’ve probably gotten to the point where your only option would be to return it to DM, which is probably more than the unit’s worth. I’d also worry that the nvram data I have on mine will relate to the firmware/software loaded on my system, which if it doesn’t match yours, might cause it to go from a booting state, to a expensive brick.

  • Chris Stevens says:

    Yup, OK. Have you dealt with DM support? Any point in giving them a call?

  • Yes. No, felt like I was banging my head against the wall – no real attempt to help someone in that particular situation and basically just wanted to have it returned to them. Which I guess is fair enough given the market they’re aimed at.

  • Chris Stevens says:

    OK, thanks for your help. Have fun and gl.

  • No worries. Let me know if you’d like this DVTU, can probably do you a deal if you want. Needs it’s fans replacing though as one buzzes like an angry wasp and the other needs a kickstart…

  • Chris Stevens says:

    How many channel is it?

  • Chris Stevens says:

    email me, we can talk

  • Brian FORREST says:

    I have recently bought a Dedicated Micro sprite 2 16 camera recorder off e bay. It seems to be recording the cameras , screen is good with picture time date showing, lights appearing lit up on the front etc. I cannot seem to go into any menu to see playback etc . in fact none of the buttons on the front of the machine or on the remote seem to respond when pressed . The onlky thing I can get on the screen is the view being recorded. I presume there is a fault somewhere although I am not familiar at all with this expensive bit of kit. Has anyone any clues as to what may be wrong and the cheapest way to getting it fixed

    • Hi Brian,
      I’d suggest opening it up and seeing if you can check the connections between the front panel and the main board are connected ok. Otherwise I’d try a KBS3 on it and see if that can talk to it – that may suggest a faulty front panel. If that’s not the case, it may be a software fault, or the main board at fault.
      Where are you based to? If you’re in the South West, you’re welcome to bring it to me and I’ll have a look at it for you.

  • Steven says:

    Hi, The telnet code orginally posted will that reset the user configiration code? The guy who use to manage our system changed the passwords and ran off… if need be we are pre-pared to do a hard reset but any advice to be able to gain access to our system would be greatful, i can get to the user menu to play back but no system or config?!


  • Steven says:

    hi Alex,
    Thanks for your advise im just worried that it will kill the CCTV system – with out it we can not open, at the same time we cant access it so…. Ill change the harddrives as apprantly just by changing the hard drives it should on some models reset the passwords.


  • Steven says:

    hi yes its a ds2, tryed doing hard drive no luck DM say i need to talk to our installer and get it sent back to DM… the installer went bust! stuck… any ideas what to try next?

  • james haughton says:

    just bought dedecated sprint how do i clear previous recording

  • james haughton says:

    thanks alex but do not no how to re-format no manual thanks

  • My suggestion would be to get your hands on another IDE drive, and use the same method as for the DS2 – i.e. format the drive for FAT32 using fat32formatter, download the firmware and copy to the drive. Then swap it out with the current drive and see if it boots.
    As the Sprite is a bit older, you might need to format it for FAT not FAT32, but I’d give FAT32 a try first. You could examine the existing drive on your PC also to see what the formatting is like also.

  • Dean says:

    To Chris Stevens did you get the DVR working, ive got the same problems and would like to speak to you message me when you can

  • Patrick Cleary says:

    Hi I have a digital sprite 16 and would like to install two sata 2Tb hard drives, my question is how should the hard drives be set up master slave ?? do both drive have to have the operating system installed ?? I have two Avtech SATA to IDE PATA Hard Drive Converter’s which work fine but i am having trouble getting the DVR to recognise the second hard drive and only show 1Tb as maximum storage available
    Any advice would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  • Patrick Cleary says:

    Thanks Alex.The drives are installed as you suggested 1Tb Master + System File & 1Tb formatted FAT32. Everything is powering up fine and the DVR see’s Drive D and formats it for image storage, however the menu still shows “Main storage protected 0929Gb (00%) and the No of days that can be recorded has not changed, any ideas as to why this might be ???

  • Dave says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve got a DS2 and no password so need to go down the bootloader router. However, will a usb to rs232 cable work as my laptop has no serial port?

  • kingsley says:

    please i need to send a ds2 p dvr for repairs , it need installer password reset, and also it is no longer booting up . how do i handle this any contact will be appreciated, You guys are doing nice jobs helping people out with solutions .Cheers

  • Mark Jackson says:

    Hi all

    I can help with your dedicated micro’s units.i have done dm hdd training and have 22 years in electronic security.feel free to ask

  • mark jackson says:

    back in the day when dm wouldnt supply to nobody but trained people im talking 10 years ago. on the DVTR and legacy.

    They lost loads when HDDS failed nobody wanted to pay £400-£900(norbain) even when the new ones were £2000.

    They were very good but now its all changed im working on bigger and bigger sytems talking 200TB+ raid 6 400 cameras

  • mark jackson says:

    the training was free forgot to mention, now its done online.

  • Lol, yeah, I’m playing with IP Based systems these days, just did an 18 camera (initial) install in Reading for one client!

  • Mark Jackson says:

    I like axis for the ip cameras.The HD models are like no other very good.the through put can be high,so the network needs to be good.

  • Check out vivotek, the ones we’ve just installed have remote focus/zoom. Nice for a vandal proof dome, but without the cost of PTZ.

  • ITtim says:

    Hi, Our DM Sprite 2 failed so I picked up a unit on ebay to replace it with. (we’ll be upgrading the whole system in the not to distant future!

    Anyway, I have no screen for the unit and normally i’d access it via ip. Can I reset the ip address easily or is there a default ip?

    Any advice welcome!


  • Adam says:

    Do you have a motherboard for a ds2 dvtu 16 channel
    I fried the bootloader on mine but cant source new motherboard or cheap replacement unit for under £100

    Tight budget i’m young and my parents are fine with cameras but not with £100 for a silver box that to them means nothing

  • Paul says:


    I’ve been picking over the firmware and have found another ‘up’ mode to get to Monitor level 2, try ‘up thekhyber’. Also the numeric passwords in the /NVDATA/DSMKII.TXT file seem to have a numeric ‘base’ of 30. So my unit had 32,32,32,32,00 etc and the password was ‘2222’.



  • John Happy says:

    Just purchased a working Model #: DS2A DX09C – 160GB running Version 3.1 (135)-Net (DVTX). All three passwords were set to off and I read that my DS2 could be upgraded to be a NetVu capable DS2 by installing version 4.0. I also noticed that DM would need to send me an unlock code to get the upgrade done. I’m not sure they are still generating unlock codes for DS2’s as old as mine. Anyway, I installed the latest version of NetVu Observer on my laptop and, just for fun, tried to connect to the DS2 using the local IP I assigned it and I was prompted for a UN and PW … much to my surprise. I thought the device was not NetVu capable until I installed version 4.0. The default web login did not get me in. I also tried to telnet and ftp in using the default passwords but could not get in. I have not tried a serial cable yet. If DM will give me an unlock code in order to upgrade the DS2 and I get it upgraded, perhaps I’ll have more luck getting into the unit via NetVu Observer. Even though the previous owner did not set a User, Installer or Playback password, perhaps, somehow, he added his own web, telnet and ftp passwords. If so, I need to figure out how to determine those passwords or reset them to the default username and password. Using the console buttons, is there a way to change the web, ftp, telnet passwords? I only saw a way to change the user, installer and playback passwords via the installer menus.

  • ACR says:

    Hi. Is this thread still active ?
    I got a DS2 as part of a job lot from one of my usual suppliers, and it is all passworded.
    I see above on option 2 it says “Go to shutdown the DVR and instead of pressing the camera 1 button, press the camera 2 button.”.
    Problem is – i cannot get to the shutdown part.
    As soon as i press the menu button it asks for a password. The backdoor password does’nt work.

    Advise please


  • Salmony says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for some useful information.
    I actually managed connecting to my device using a serial connection.
    But when I enter something + Enter it says: “Not logged in”. Have you experienced anything like this?

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