Discovery 2 (and 3/4) Heated Washer Jets

A nice, simple modification is to change your standard (unheated) washer jets for the later D3/D4 Heated Washer Jets.

The washer jet unit is basically the same moulding on all three vehicles. If you have a D3/D4 which is a SE or HSE spec, you’ll have heated washer jets, but I am told that the D4 units are better at the job, and it’s a cheap part to swap over.

So what do you need to buy and how much? You need 2x LR018834, pictured below. If you’ve got a D3/D4, you may already have the loom fitted, so plug them in and if the temp goes down below 5 degrees, they’ll operate. If you have a D2, or a D3 without the right loom you’ll need to get creative. Option 1 is go to the breakers and *get* the right bit of the loom, and splice/connect it to where it needs to go (you’ll need to consult a wiring diagram, which I don’t have to hand). It’s Fuse 12 on the D3/D4 and should be 10A. Option 2 is to make up your own wiring and relay. I’ll be switching mine via the Heated Front Screen power to activate it for convenience, with it’s own Fused Relay. I’ve replaced the connector on the Jets with AMP SuperSeal plugs, again for convenience in case I need to remove the bonnet. If you don’t have a HFS, you could use the existing HFS wiring, pinching the connectors even from a breakers yard vehicle with a HFS, or splice into the cable and run from there. You’ll need to tell the vehicle it has a HFS fitted, add a relay and switch, and check the 40A fuses are in place.

D2/D3/D4 Heated Washer Jet

D2/D3/D4 Heated Washer Jet

To change the jets themselves, push the jet towards the front of the car, and lift it up to disengage the front clip. Then put your hand up from underneath and push the spring part from the front of the car, and it should pop out. Refit is the reverse.

Because you’re dealing with a heating element here, it’s not important which way the polarity goes, you’re basically creating a short circuit but the resistance is such that it just heats things up instead of melting the cable. It’s the same principle as a heated screen, or fan heater.

Cost wise, the Heated Jets are LR018834 and cost £5.91+vat each from the dealer. The AMP SuperSeal socket/plug set cost £3.61 each if you buy 2 from eBay (£7.22 total). I can recommend this chap here.

I’ll post some more pictures, including the wiring, in the new year when I get a chance to wire it up.

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4 Responses to “Discovery 2 (and 3/4) Heated Washer Jets”

  • thebiglad says:

    Hi Alex, you did this mod about three weeks ago now, have you had any really cold weather and do you think they actually helped?


    • A) I’ve not finished the mod (not done the wiring yet)
      B) It stopped being bitterly cold, and I finished the job that was requiring me to get up a O-Stupid-O-Clock
      C) I was still running 100% screeen wash (and still am).

      When I’ve done the wiring, I’ll update this on an early cold morning – I may also have a line on the correct terminal connector to be used with the jets.

  • Fly 100 says:

    Good read that, have a few questions for you.Would you mind dropping me an email so I may reply. (Connectors and merging a D3 loom into a D2 .


  • kelvin lambert says:

    they use a PTC element
    which is a self limiting electronic component
    it has a hight start currant but upon reaching operating temp drops to about a fifth
    temp limits are built in when constructed

    a larger version is used in later car heating systems
    where upon starting a cold engine the heating system will supply instant heat
    aroun 100amp on start and around 30amp when it reaches operating temp

    positive temp coefficient take a look at Wikipedia for more info

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