Discovery 2 Tank Guard

The Tank Guard for the Discovery 2 is very simple to fit. The kit comes with 4 brackets, a selection of nuts & bolts, and the tank guard itself. This guard was purchased from the LRO Show at Peterborough for £50, from a company called LR Engineering Ltd, however they don’t sell direct via mail order, only at shows or via their distributers. The guard can be bought from Paddocks for £59+vat however, and is excellent value for money compared to the Terrafirma version which costs ~£170 on eBay. If you wanted an Ally version, your only option is the Terrafirma one though, at over £200!

Anyway to install it, you simply undo the two nuts at the front of the tank:

Tank Front

Tank Front

And attach the two brackets and do them back up again loosely.

Next, you need to undo the two bolts that hold the arms for the towbar:

Tank Rear

Tank Rear

Slot the brackets on, and do up again reasonably loosely. I found I needed to turn these round so the nut hung down otherwise the bolt would rub against the tank. Then you can center the guard on the vehicle, and tighten up all the bolts. Job done 🙂

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