HTC Desire Android Froyo 2.2 Update

Well, I got bored this afternoon and decided to update my Desire to 2.2. Obviously as mine was supplied by Orange, it had to be debranded first. Easy enough to do that, but I ran into a few snags further down the line. First issue was after 2 Over The Air updates, I lost my wifi.

This was fixed by downloading froyo 2.2 update from the htc website and dropping it into the SD card. However this introduced a second issue, in so far as it kept rebooting after the update. I eventually discovered that this was due to not using the gold card, copied the update to the gold card, did a forced update again to 2.2 (I didn’t need to downgrade for some reason) and everything worked.

Anyway, now I don’t have the stupid orange installed apps (honestly, why do they bother?) and I’m running 2.2 happily.

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