MOT woes…

…the Discovery failed it’s MOT today, luckily not on much and on nothing too serious and indeed, a pretty frivolous reason if you ask me. The Parking brake, basically a big drum brake on the rear prop shaft, is supposedly only providing 10% stopping power. Now I don’t use the parking brake anyway, I’d never use it to stop the vehicle in an emergency as the disco has far too much power and it would probably just snap the transfer box off or the prop shaft!

Having had a further look, it seems the transfer box rear output oil seal has gone, and contaminated the brake with oil. So looks like stripping it all down and replacing the shoes is in order, and have ordered a new bearing for the output shaft if it’s easy to change as that may be a source of my vibrations. Well, one can hope anyway.

As well as that it got advisories on the front shock bushes, so will push up fitting the new shocks and bushes to the front, and front pads are low also, so will replace those! Done a lot of miles this year, so probably worthwhile.

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