December, 2014

BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 Password of the day Generator

I have written a password generator (based on the work of Zman37 on TekTips), available here: Works for the BCM 400 from Release 4.0 onwards, BCM50 from R1 to R6 and theoretically the BCM 200 from Release 4.0 and the BCM450. If you have some passwords of the day, system ID and the dates […]

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BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 nnsupport Password Of The Day

The following was discovered by Zman37 on the TekTips forum. I’ve reposted it here to ensure it’s survival! Alright, I figured it out! The “shared sec” turned out to be the Nortel Support Challenge key. I tested this algorithm on a BCM50 R3 and R6 and it works on both of them, so I believe […]

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BCM50 CDR – Call Detail Recording – Pull Data Demystified!

The Nortel BCM50 is a workhorse of a phone system. Designed for small businesses, it took customers from their older MICS/CISC/616/824 systems into the IP age. Based around a Linux Operating system running ported code from the NT based BCM200/BCM400 family, the BCM50 (and it’s bigger brother, the BCM450) allowed customers to utilise their existing […]

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