January, 2011

X-Eng X-Plug

Whilst fitting the RoverDrives Sump, I also took the opportunity to fit the X-Eng X-Plugs I got for Christmas to the diffs. As you can see, at the top is the brass plug I use for the filler plug on the Diff, this is a standard brass plug which replaces the nasty plastic standard one […]

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RoverDrives DX-COV, Extended Sump for LT230 Transfer Box

I was browsing the excellent discovery2.co.uk website the other week, and found that Nick had fitted the RoverDrives DX-COV extended sump for the LT230 Transfer Box. With a bit more reading, I found that not only does it aid vehicles in extreme climates, but it can help with tuned vehicles (such as mine) in the […]

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New Rack!

At the weekend we moved all our Half Rack’s worth of Servers into a full rack, and added 4 new Dell PowerEdge R210 machines as well. Our primary aim of doing this was to consolidate some existing servers into the new machines, as well as providing expansion space for a customer who was upgrading. Of […]

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