September, 2010

Discovery TD5 Fuel Cooler Leak – Fix!

When recently fitting the TD5Alive Top Coolant Hose, along with a new Thermostat and Radiator we dislodged the end of the Fuel Cooler. Obviously, I didn’t spot this till the next day when I spotted a puddle under the car, but couldn’t locate the leak! Eventually however when topped up and looking at the hoses […]

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Discovery 2 Tank Guard

The Tank Guard for the Discovery 2 is very simple to fit. The kit comes with 4 brackets, a selection of nuts & bolts, and the tank guard itself. This guard was purchased from the LRO Show at Peterborough for £50, from a company called LR Engineering Ltd, however they don’t sell direct via mail […]

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A Weak Moment, and this months leaks…

I had a weak moment this weekend while at the LRO show at Peterborough, and bought a Tank Guard for the Disco. £55 which wasn’t bad, and it’s a fair old chunk of steel! And I discovered the source of my coolant leak. When installing the new Rad & TD5 Alive Top Coolant Hose (below) […]

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