July, 2010

Lego Excavator 8043 Mod

Made a quick mod to my 8043 this evening. It now has a pair of XL motors in the base, an additional IR receiver and battery pack! And goes like the clappers as a result! Very simple mod to do, though it does have a limitation in terms of the IR receiver has to be […]

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The Drobo Has Landed!

My new Drobo arrived on today! Loaded up with 2 1 TB drives, I now have 1TB of disk available, with the ability to pop another couple of terrabytes in as and when I need it. Hooked up to the Drobo Share, it allows access across the network which is cool. And it’s now about […]

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Lego Technic 8043 Excavator

The new 2010 Summer models were made available on the Lego@Home store a little while ago, I got the flyer in the mail last week and placed my order! £143ish plus shipping makes this one of the most expensive models I’ve bought to date, but it has a lot to offer. Here it is in […]

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New Toy!

No, not the Lego Excavator I mentioned earlier in my Blog (that one’s on order, should be here next week!) – today I got my new phone! I’ve been using the Palm Treo 750v for a while now, it’s a Windows Mobile based phone so was perfect as it would synchronise with Exchange and keep […]

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