March, 2010

LEGO Technic Excavator

I’ve been a LEGO fan since I was a kid, and my LEGO paid for my first PC when I was 14/15 (and by my first PC, I mean the first one I had exclusive access to in my bedroom, I’ve had PC’s since I was 7 in the family). So recently I’ve taken to […]

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Banoffee Pie

Yesterday I made a Banoffee Pie for myself & Mum, and it was very successful. So much so in fact, that I only just managed all of mine after a large dinner, and Mum had to leave 2 mouthfuls at the end too! This was a very successful recipe for me to make, and was […]

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TD5 Spare Wheel Carrier

Had a bit of a whoopsy at the weekend when I snapped a stud on the Spare Wheel Carrier, so went down to the breakers yard this afternoon with Richard and picked up a new (second-hand) one for £20, and a handful of new Alloy Nuts and some Centre Caps for the Alloys (as some […]

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