February, 2010

Rear Shocks

Yep, they were nice and easy, took just over an hour to change both sides, main hassle was the bloody alloy nuts not accepting sockets, and then when I swapped a particularly manky one for one on the spare wheel carrier, I ballsed that up and snapped the stud off the carrier! As the other […]

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MOT Pass and Advisories Sorted!

Well the Landie passed it’s MOT earlier in the week finally, so thought I’d sort the advisories out yesterday. Easier than I expected (and def. easier than my 300-series) the shock bushes needed changing as did the pads. As I had new shocks to go on, I just replaced the whole unit as it has […]

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Cellar Clearout…

Is still under way, it’s amazing how much junk you accumulate over 10 years of geeking with a serious ebay habbit! One trip down the tip has yielded some space down there, which was then quickly filled in when the stuff fell down where it had been piled up! Looks like another trip or two […]

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Hard Disk Woes…

…just when things can’t get any worse, this morning my hard disk decided to give up. Rather odd really, as it’s a RAID 1 set, and it would boot to a point but not any further. Luckily as a Geek, I keep a few spare new disks lying around for this sort of eventuality, so […]

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MOT woes…

…the Discovery failed it’s MOT today, luckily not on much and on nothing too serious and indeed, a pretty frivolous reason if you ask me. The Parking brake, basically a big drum brake on the rear prop shaft, is supposedly only providing 10% stopping power. Now I don’t use the parking brake anyway, I’d never […]

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TD5 Exhaust Manifold Change

A common issue on the TD5 engine (be it Defender or Discovery) is that the Exhaust Manifold warps slightly and this snaps the studs holding the manifold to the engine block. Typically it is the front and rear port studs that snap, although I was fortunate to only lose the front port studs. A number […]

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Off-Roading at the Weekend…

…up on Salisbury Plain, and taken some awesome looking photos! Some good ones were taken from the boot of Lloyd’s Discovery 3 – awesome vehicles those offroad, wish I could afford one! My favourite images are here, with the full 870 images here if you want to sift through them! No photos of my truck […]

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