The Man Cave

So my new Man Cave has been acquired. Many will recall the pictures of my Cellar in Bristol, but the move has meant my Cave has been upgraded to a Double Garage 🙂 Here are the “before” pics 🙂 And here are some “during” photos, at this stage we’ve moved in, and the ceiling & […]

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Lego Excavator 8043 Mod

Made a quick mod to my 8043 this evening. It now has a pair of XL motors in the base, an additional IR receiver and battery pack! And goes like the clappers as a result! Very simple mod to do, though it does have a limitation in terms of the IR receiver has to be […]

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Lego Technic 8043 Excavator

The new 2010 Summer models were made available on the Lego@Home store a little while ago, I got the flyer in the mail last week and placed my order! £143ish plus shipping makes this one of the most expensive models I’ve bought to date, but it has a lot to offer. Here it is in […]

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LEGO Technic Excavator

I’ve been a LEGO fan since I was a kid, and my LEGO paid for my first PC when I was 14/15 (and by my first PC, I mean the first one I had exclusive access to in my bedroom, I’ve had PC’s since I was 7 in the family). So recently I’ve taken to […]

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