MOT Woes

So I’ve got a new Motor – a Skoda Octavia 2.0 PD TDI on a 56-Plate. Nicely specced with the Laurin & Klement package, which is largely Sat-Nav, Leather Electric Seats, Climate Control, Electric Sunroof/Windows, Xenon Headlights. I bought this secondhand from a dealer in London for £3,450 – having seen it advertised at £3,600. […]

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Window Tinting

With a broken rear electric window needing the whole frame out in order to replace the window glass metal strip, I decided to tint the window while it was out. And as I had a helper (Thanks Rich!) we did both sides. Sadly, we’ll have to strip them out again, the quarter glass metal strip […]

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Aircon Shenanigans

So the Discovery hasn’t had working Aircon for as long as I’ve owned it, and 2 years ago I finally got round to buying the pipes, but as for fitting them… well, that didn’t happen. So I decided to crack on and sort it finally! I had to strip the whole front end off the […]

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The Man Cave

So my new Man Cave has been acquired. Many will recall the pictures of my Cellar in Bristol, but the move has meant my Cave has been upgraded to a Double Garage 🙂 Here are the “before” pics 🙂 And here are some “during” photos, at this stage we’ve moved in, and the ceiling & […]

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Disco 2 Climate Control And Clock Bulbs

The Climate Control on the Discovery II uses 3 types of bulb – 3 x JWH100060 light up the LCD 2 x 8510251 (Black Base) light up the Hot/Cold Buttons 1 x JWH100070 (Grey Base) lights up the buttons. Left to Right: – JWH100060, 8510251, JWH100070, STC1878 (not used) The clock uses a YAW100030, also […]

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Demountable Winch + Anderson Jump Start Connector

So, today my demountable Winch Frame arrived, spurred on by the fact that a good friend went off the road the other day down an embankment, and without a winch, there wasn’t anything I could do to help. Anyway, here it is with the winch fitted: Please excuse the wiring all over the place, on […]

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Going LED

I’ve been annoyed recently by the failure of one of the 3 bulbs that sit behind the Dash Pod of my Discovery TD5. Eventually, I had a look at the spare Dash Pod I have in the cellar and realised that the bulbs are actually standard bulbs. To start off with, the 3 main bulbs […]

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Cellar/Workshop Revamp

Last week I finally got fed up of the massive pile of boxes that was my cellar, with a crowded workbench and knackered KVM that stopped working a while ago. So, I got a friend to give me a hand and stash the boxes that needed to stay under the front of the house, where […]

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Locking Pin for Receiver Hitch

As some of you may know, I’ve had a locking pin and padlock on my receiver hitch/drop plate, generally to prevent any scallies from easily making off with close to £200’s worth of metal. However over the winter I’ve left the whole assembly attached to the vehicle, as it provides excellent protection against people going […]

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TD5 Fuel Pressure Regulator Repair Kit

I’ve just launched our Fuel Pressure Regulator O-Ring kit for the TD5, both Defender & Discovery versions and pre and post facelift are all catered for via the one kit. Our O-Ring kit is the small set at the bottom, though I’m contemplating doing a version of the kit which includes the Metal Gasket & […]

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