Contour ROAM and Camalapse

Did an event last week using the Contour ROAM and a Camalapse rotator, and it’s an awesome effect when speeded up. Such a simple gadget but provides a great effect. I’m going to be building a trolley system next for a panning/pulling away/zooming in effect as well, so watch this space. In the mean time, […]

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Just picked one of these cameras up off eBay brand new for £125+p&p. Excellent bit of kit, and I’ll post some videos in due course once I’ve got the suction cup mount for the windscreen 🙂 All I can say is that if you’re thinking of a GoPro HD, consider the ContourRoam, it’s cheaper, smaller […]

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Cellar/Workshop Revamp

Last week I finally got fed up of the massive pile of boxes that was my cellar, with a crowded workbench and knackered KVM that stopped working a while ago. So, I got a friend to give me a hand and stash the boxes that needed to stay under the front of the house, where […]

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Off-Roading at the Weekend…

…up on Salisbury Plain, and taken some awesome looking photos! Some good ones were taken from the boot of Lloyd’s Discovery 3 – awesome vehicles those offroad, wish I could afford one! My favourite images are here, with the full 870 images here if you want to sift through them! No photos of my truck […]

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