RoverDrives DX-COV, Extended Sump for LT230 Transfer Box

I was browsing the excellent website the other week, and found that Nick had fitted the RoverDrives DX-COV extended sump for the LT230 Transfer Box. With a bit more reading, I found that not only does it aid vehicles in extreme climates, but it can help with tuned vehicles (such as mine) in the […]

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Discovery 2 (and 3/4) Heated Washer Jets

A nice, simple modification is to change your standard (unheated) washer jets for the later D3/D4 Heated Washer Jets. The washer jet unit is basically the same moulding on all three vehicles. If you have a D3/D4 which is a SE or HSE spec, you’ll have heated washer jets, but I am told that the […]

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Discovery TD5 Fuel Cooler Leak – Fix!

When recently fitting the TD5Alive Top Coolant Hose, along with a new Thermostat and Radiator we dislodged the end of the Fuel Cooler. Obviously, I didn’t spot this till the next day when I spotted a puddle under the car, but couldn’t locate the leak! Eventually however when topped up and looking at the hoses […]

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Discovery 2 Tank Guard

The Tank Guard for the Discovery 2 is very simple to fit. The kit comes with 4 brackets, a selection of nuts & bolts, and the tank guard itself. This guard was purchased from the LRO Show at Peterborough for £50, from a company called LR Engineering Ltd, however they don’t sell direct via mail […]

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A Weak Moment, and this months leaks…

I had a weak moment this weekend while at the LRO show at Peterborough, and bought a Tank Guard for the Disco. £55 which wasn’t bad, and it’s a fair old chunk of steel! And I discovered the source of my coolant leak. When installing the new Rad & TD5 Alive Top Coolant Hose (below) […]

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Torque Performance 4×4 Steering Guard

Finally fitted the matching Steering Guard this afternoon – and it looks really good! Right swivelpin to fit, (had some stuff in the way on one side) but all pulled into place in the end. Don’t think anything is going to dent it! Cut 8mm off the left hand mount on the main bumper also […]

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Torque Performance 4×4 NAS HD Bumper

It has been a long time coming, but finally my new bumper has arrived and been fitted! Fabricated by Paul Short at Torque Performance 4×4 (, this bumper is a custom revision of their stunning looking Rock Bumper, but with a unique and very useful twist. Like many off-road vehicle owners we all worry about […]

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TD5 Spare Wheel Carrier

Had a bit of a whoopsy at the weekend when I snapped a stud on the Spare Wheel Carrier, so went down to the breakers yard this afternoon with Richard and picked up a new (second-hand) one for £20, and a handful of new Alloy Nuts and some Centre Caps for the Alloys (as some […]

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Rear Shocks

Yep, they were nice and easy, took just over an hour to change both sides, main hassle was the bloody alloy nuts not accepting sockets, and then when I swapped a particularly manky one for one on the spare wheel carrier, I ballsed that up and snapped the stud off the carrier! As the other […]

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MOT Pass and Advisories Sorted!

Well the Landie passed it’s MOT earlier in the week finally, so thought I’d sort the advisories out yesterday. Easier than I expected (and def. easier than my 300-series) the shock bushes needed changing as did the pads. As I had new shocks to go on, I just replaced the whole unit as it has […]

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