Why I love my HTC Desire

The HTC Desire has got to be my favourite phone so far. Simply because it is so much more than a phone! I’ve never been much of a fan of open source things in the past, but the Desire has turned that round. From my phone I can make calls, send texts, emails, calculate cable […]

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HTC Desire Android Froyo 2.2 Update

Well, I got bored this afternoon and decided to update my Desire to 2.2. Obviously as mine was supplied by Orange, it had to be debranded first. Easy enough to do that, but I ran into a few snags further down the line. First issue was after 2 Over The Air updates, I lost my […]

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The Drobo Has Landed!

My new Drobo arrived on today! Loaded up with 2 1 TB drives, I now have 1TB of disk available, with the ability to pop another couple of terrabytes in as and when I need it. Hooked up to the Drobo Share, it allows access across the network which is cool. And it’s now about […]

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New Toy!

No, not the Lego Excavator I mentioned earlier in my Blog (that one’s on order, should be here next week!) – today I got my new phone! I’ve been using the Palm Treo 750v for a while now, it’s a Windows Mobile based phone so was perfect as it would synchronise with Exchange and keep […]

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Cellar Clearout…

Is still under way, it’s amazing how much junk you accumulate over 10 years of geeking with a serious ebay habbit! One trip down the tip has yielded some space down there, which was then quickly filled in when the stuff fell down where it had been piled up! Looks like another trip or two […]

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Hard Disk Woes…

…just when things can’t get any worse, this morning my hard disk decided to give up. Rather odd really, as it’s a RAID 1 set, and it would boot to a point but not any further. Luckily as a Geek, I keep a few spare new disks lying around for this sort of eventuality, so […]

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