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BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 nnsupport Password Of The Day

The following was discovered by Zman37 on the TekTips forum. I’ve reposted it here to ensure it’s survival! Alright, I figured it out! The “shared sec” turned out to be the Nortel Support Challenge key. I tested this algorithm on a BCM50 R3 and R6 and it works on both of them, so I believe […]

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BCM50 CDR – Call Detail Recording – Pull Data Demystified!

The Nortel BCM50 is a workhorse of a phone system. Designed for small businesses, it took customers from their older MICS/CISC/616/824 systems into the IP age. Based around a Linux Operating system running ported code from the NT based BCM200/BCM400 family, the BCM50 (and it’s bigger brother, the BCM450) allowed customers to utilise their existing […]

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