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Record 10″ G-Clamp Restoration

Well, with a successful visit to the Trench Lane Car Boot this morning, I picked up a 10″ Record G-Clamp for the princely sum of £3! It’s a little twisted, but I’ve decided not to attempt to fix this as it’s not too bad. I forgot to take a “before” picture, but this side-by-side picture […]

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The Man Cave

So my new Man Cave has been acquired. Many will recall the pictures of my Cellar in Bristol, but the move has meant my Cave has been upgraded to a Double Garage 🙂 Here are the “before” pics 🙂 And here are some “during” photos, at this stage we’ve moved in, and the ceiling & […]

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Clarke GWC-1 Review

So being new to welding and just setting up a workshop for the first time, I felt I needed a trolley for the welder, if only so my workshop was a bit tidier! That said, looking round, I wasn’t prepared to spend £200+ on a trolley, nor did I have time ATM to build my […]

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Demountable Winch + Anderson Jump Start Connector

So, today my demountable Winch Frame arrived, spurred on by the fact that a good friend went off the road the other day down an embankment, and without a winch, there wasn’t anything I could do to help. Anyway, here it is with the winch fitted: Please excuse the wiring all over the place, on […]

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Bosch GDR-10.8-LI and GSR-10.8-2-LI Twinset

This is my latest toy, the Bosch GSR-10.8-2-LI Drill Twin Set, which includes the GDR-10.8-LI Impact Driver. I’ve had the older version of the GDR-10.8-LI for a while, in fact, since owning that one, I’ve barely used my GDR18V impact driver and only occasionally had to lug in the whole kit to use the GSR18VE-2 […]

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Restoring A Record Vice

I recently purchased a number of old Record Vices from a chap on the Stationary Engine Forum. Two No 5 Vices and One No 6. I started with the No 5 (as the other one was for a friend, and the No 6 is for my future use), and un-seized it using plenty of WD40. […]

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