Another Win!

This morning I was in Court in Bristol for a hearing against Golden Charter Limited. Based upon my arguments and evidence, the Judge ruled in my favour that S22 had been broken by Golden Charter as they had provided no evidence of direct consent, and no evidence I had been a customer. She was also […]

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BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 Password of the day Generator

I have written a password generator (based on the work of Zman37 on TekTips), available here: http://www.cyberprog.net/bcm/potd.asp Works for the BCM 400 from Release 4.0 onwards, BCM50 from R1 to R6 and theoretically the BCM 200 from Release 4.0 and the BCM450. If you have some passwords of the day, system ID and the dates […]

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The new Workbench has Landed! (Mostly)

So I’ve been hankering after a bigger workbench in the man cave for a little while, and the time has finally come! I did some designs in Visio, which came out with two diagrams. One for the Workbench top, and one for the frame. With those drawing done, and superimposed on my man cave floor […]

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