Suing Spammers 101 – Or how you do it!

I’ve gotten a lot of mail recently asking “How do you sue a spammer?” and I thought I’d write up the general guide and give you all some help. Please note, I am not a lawyer, and this is my advice as a Lay person. You should satisfy yourself that you know what you are […]

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Spammer Update

So we’re nearly a year in on this project to reduce the amount of SPAM/UCE I receive, and I have to say it has been working. I’ve been hitting spammers with a dual blow of PECR and DPA actions now for a few months, and have had a number of wins, and settlements as a […]

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MOT Woes

So I’ve got a new Motor – a Skoda Octavia 2.0 PD TDI on a 56-Plate. Nicely specced with the Laurin & Klement package, which is largely Sat-Nav, Leather Electric Seats, Climate Control, Electric Sunroof/Windows, Xenon Headlights. I bought this secondhand from a dealer in London for £3,450 – having seen it advertised at £3,600. […]

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Another Win!

This morning I was in Court in Bristol for a hearing against Golden Charter Limited. Based upon my arguments and evidence, the Judge ruled in my favour that S22 had been broken by Golden Charter as they had provided no evidence of direct consent, and no evidence I had been a customer. She was also […]

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SPAM, Consent, and Dorset Cereals

My SPAM campaign rumbles on, the flow of UK Based SPAM mercifully now stopping to a trickle. But wait! One pings into my inbox, from Dorset Cereals inviting me to “Win a spectacular cottage getaway!” on Friday the 24th of April. I’m obviously less than pleased, so immediately send them a NBA informing them that […]

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Alex 8 – Spammers 0

I’ve now had the following successes; Settlement after Court Claim of £100 (1 email) – paid Settlement without Court Claim of £150 (2 emails) – paid Default Judgement of £225 (2 emails) – paid (UK Berkeley Assets Limited) Payment in full after Court Claim of £225 (2 emails) – paid (S.E.T Office Supplies Limited) Settlement […]

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Alex vs Spammers Update

Well, since my previous post things have moved on somewhat. We’ve had one settlement paid, another still pending transfer of funds (all signed off at this end), one payment in full for the court claim against them including court fees, and one judgement in default. I’ve got one at Defence now, which should be interesting […]

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Alex 3 – Spammers 0

Well, another day, another Win! Claimed against another piece of Spam to a company who never responded to my NBA, fired them back a letter backing up my claim on Tuesday and had a response today via eMail (as the claim stuff from the courts doesn’t feature email addresses) offering a settlement. Money in my […]

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Alex vs Spammers

At Christmas my tolerance for spammers reached rock bottom. One of my email accounts was virtually unusable thanks to the volumes of SPAM hitting it, and I decided to do something about it. Here in the UK we have what’s known as the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (As Amended) which controls amongst other […]

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BCM50 / BCM200 / BCM400 / BCM450 Password of the day Generator

I have written a password generator (based on the work of Zman37 on TekTips), available here: Works for the BCM 400 from Release 4.0 onwards, BCM50 from R1 to R6 and theoretically the BCM 200 from Release 4.0 and the BCM450. If you have some passwords of the day, system ID and the dates […]

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